Japanese Language Training JLPT N5

     - Sivaji Ganesh Thota

    A dynamic leader and an extraordinary engineer, Mr Sivaji Ganesh has an overall 20 years of Industry experience under his belt. Through his career he has taken up various roles from an engineer to a team lead and then to an assistant General Manager. He has served in the field of Aerospace and Automobile as a delivery head and business development.

    He has the experience of working indifferent regions of the world having different languages and cultures; he has over 6 years of work experience in Japan where he served major OEMS like DIPRO, ISUZU, NISSAN, MJET and HONDA R&D AERO ENGINES.

    Also he has worked at various customer locations across the Globe in countries which include Japan, United States, Germany, Paris and has maintaining long term customer relations, participating in bidding process, Conducting customer meetings, discussions, negotiations to bring the business and projects.

    Sivaji has worked with Cyient (Infotech Enterprises Limited) where, he efficiently and successfully led a team of 250 engineers and Managers. As a manger, his work in the areas of customer relationship, associate satisfaction and revenue & Profitability was unparalleled.

    Sivaji has won numerous awards and accolades for his outstanding techno-managerial skills, he won Best offshore service provider for the year 2007, 2008, 2012 from Triumph Vought Aircraft structures, Business excellence and standardization advanced level certification award for year 2013 at Infotech enterprises, Best Manager of the Year for 2012 at Infotech Enterprises, Best Manager Of the Year for 2008 at Infotech Enterprises , Best Associate Of the Year for 2000 at Infotech Enterprises and Long service Award in 2011 Infotech Enterprises.

    Sivaji holds a B. Tech Degree from the Andhra University in Mechanical Engineering.

Students develop the ability to understand and express:

  1. Greetings and introductions
  2. Counting
  3. Likes and dislikes
  4. Actions
  5. Ownership
  6. Simple requests and commands
  7. Simple questions (where, when, why, who, what)
  8. Statements about individuals
  9. General intent

Level of Competency

Students will become competent to the following levels:

  1. Reading
    1. Hiragana, Katakana, 100 Kanji, 800 Words (JLPT N5 Vocabulary)
    2. Identify the general intent of very short texts enhanced by visual clues:
      1. Charts
      2. Instructions
      3. Maps
      4. Menus
      5. Photographs
      6. Posters
      7. Schedules
      8. Signs
      9. Short letters
  2. Writing
    1. Write Hiragana, Katakana, 100 Kanji
    2. Compose short sentences:
      1. Notes
      2. Poems
      3. Postcards
      4. Short letters
      5. Shopping Lists
      6. Todo Lists
  3. Listening and Speaking
    1. Understand short audio and/or video conversations
    2. Be able to speak in short and uncomplicated sentences.
    3. Even with some hesitation and errors, understand and speak the function items effectively.
  4. Grammar


Possible topics include:

  1. Personal
    1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Home
    4. Rooms
    5. Health
    6. School
    7. Hobbies
    8. Student life
    9. Shopping
    10. Clothes
    11. Pets and animals
  2. Abstract
    1. Schedules
    2. Prices
    3. Size and quantity
    4. Symbols
    5. Colors
    6. Numbers
    7. Days
    8. Dates
    9. Time
    10. Directions
    11. Weather and seasons
    12. Transportation
  3. Cultural
    1. Holidays and festivals
    2. Geography
    3. Monuments and places of interest
    4. Cultural and historical figures
    5. Food and customs
    6. Travel
    7. Professions and work

The course is of 4 months, With 1 hour 30 minutes class each day on all bday of the week.

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